2019/20 Moise Kean


Player Valuation: £30m
It’s an Internet forum mate, people are just commenting on his performances. if we only commented on the good things he did it would be a pretty short thread truth be told.

He gets full support at the games, and I haven’t seen too many people actually going on him on here, just saying he’s not really showing anything like the ability we were expecting. I don’t think anyone can dispute that really, even the very worst case predictions wouldn’t have had him not having scored two thirds of the way through the season. I don’t want us to sell him, I’m not writing him off, but I don’t apologise for saying I’m very disappointed in what I’ve seen so far.
Ah sure I understand it's a fourm. It not comments like yours above I'm disagreeing with. Its the sell him comments. He is rubbish. Sell him to Roma. Sell him to milan. Get rid..that kind of stuff.

As for not scoring. 20 mins at end of matches in a really poor team. I can understand why he is not scoring. What I see tho is he has missed a couple. Maybe 3 or 4 in all. That tells me he is getting in positions and I would prefer that than not.

But fair point in that he is not currently performing.


Player Valuation: £70m
Ive No time for supporters coming on here giving a young 19 year old grief. Give him a season at least. Some game time. How can anyone criticise someone who has moved country needs to learn a language and settle into a new league with a team who have been underperforming and have a number of diseased players.

The same people who criticise him wouldnt last 6 months in Italy (and that's on fiats factory production line) . Give him a year and then if he isnt producing have a go all ye want. In the meantime concentrate on the likes of morgan snides who has had game time has experience and is still utter rubbish.
Not his fault but when you're a club who is crying out for a forward and you spend £30m on one you're probably wanting a bit more than 0 goals in 5 months. Just shocking decision making from the club yet again.


Player Valuation: £20m
He came from juve as probably one of the hottest prospects in the world
He left juve as he couldn't get ahead of the likes ronaldo and dybala, which is completely acceptable.

He turned down other clubs (apparently) so he could join here and become our number 1 striker (not so hard when you look at our strikers), over half the season gone he has been disciplined for both club and country and hasn't got a single goal to his name.

If he worked hard like tosun, he would probably get away with it but he doesent.

His career has gone one way since he came here.


Player Valuation: £8m
How many games in a row has he started?

How many games did DCL start in a row ?

He has shown more promise in the very limited time he has than DCL did during his run of games.

Not really hearing the Bambi comments about DCL lately.

Let’s judge after decent run of games.

He’s 19
New league

he was never claimed to be our savior.

for the record I’d sell DCL in a heartbeat.


Player Valuation: £70m
Bollocks. Don't buy for a second that they'd stump up what we paid for him this window.
He cost 27 million, Sandro cost 5 million and they are both [Poor language removed].
This is going the same way as the Tosun valuation.

He cost about £22mil with £5mil more (approx) on clauses.

Hes literally the hottest forward prospect in Italy, already made his full national debut and scored goals.

If Ademola Lookman can be sold for circa £20mil then im pretty confident we would get our money back on Moise Kean who is still 19.

Those saying how bad Kean is I wonder how you all felt about DCL or Richarlison when they joined?

For what its worth, other Italian kids in the same bracket and 'cheaper' positions are rated at £60mil+.


Player Valuation: £70m
I actually am beginning to feel sorry for him DCL and Richarlison.

Imagine playing in front of Walcott, Sigurdsson, Delph and Schneiderlin....also Bernard is a good player but doesnt rack up killer balls into them.

No wonder theyre not getting the plaudits.

Put them in the RS or City teams and they would net boatloads.

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