2022/23 Michael Keane


Player Valuation: £90m
…so substitutes are ‘rested’? I think the more accurate term is Keane was ‘not selected’. Some weird points you’re making here.
Semantics, rested, not selected, either way he didn't play in a game were he could of been the difference


Player Valuation: £100m
Semantics, rested, not selected, either way he didn't play in a game were he could of been the difference

…and we could’ve been 2 down in 15 minutes had he started. If I was born in Glasgow, I’d be a Scotch Egg.

Nonsense of a discussion. He wasn’t selected because the Manager preferred others, he wasn’t brought on because the manager preferred another. We didn’t concede from open play, the Managers defensive selection was justified.


Player Valuation: £70m
Absolutely disgusting how this lad has been treated.

Loyal servant to Everton Football Club, always gives his all, never once has his mentality or ability been called into question, always had 100% backing from the fans because we can all see how much it means to him. Honestly I'm just shocked how he's been left in the cold and now that Coady has come in it seems he doesn't have a place in the starting XI, possibly even the squad.

Oh actually...



Player Valuation: £8m
If we were to sell one, I’d want it to be Mina.
Keane did well in the covid season, he would benefit from a more stable partnership
Did just ok in the COVID season because there was no crowd and loads of players were understandably off it. He absolutely cannot hack the pressure of playing in this team. I legitimately don't care that Mina and Godfrey are injured, I'd still sell him, I'd prefer Mina on crutches playing at the back. Seriously though Coleman plays CB for Ireland often enough and he's decent there, I'd have him and Myko in ahead of Keane in a back 3 quite easily.

Tarkowski, Coady, Holgate, Coleman and Mykolenko until Godfrey and Mina are fit again are a risk I'd be more than willing to take if it meant getting shut of Keane this window. Much like Gomes, Delph, Tosun etc. last season what's the point in having a body on the bench if you know it'd be a disaster if he had to play, I'd prefer to throw an u21 in with Tarkowski and/or Coady and give them a chance to impress rather than watch Keane, at least if the kid made a mistake you'd understand it and it'd be experience for them.

Bkk Andy

Player Valuation: £8m
Ledley King showed there can be value in it though. Spurs always looked way better at the back when he was fit enough to play, which want every game
You're absolutely right but is it the exception or the rule? There are a lot of benefits to a good understanding. It's probably easier with better centre halves than we had last season too.
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