2019/20 Michael Keane

Disagree majorly here. Yeah me may have not had the greatest of years but you can see he has the ability. The guy went from the best team in Italy with 10 other stars in the club to being sold to Everton. He was touted as the next coming of Jesus and started off with Marco Silva. Lots of inconsistent starts, coaching change, new city, new language, living away from mom, and hes only 19. Cut the kid some slack for god sakes. He isnt going anywhere anytime soon. Dom and Holgate have finally come into their own this year and are regular starters for us with both getting shouts from the national team. Magic what regular starts can do for you and the confidence you play with. Get behind the kid, dont put him down.
Jesus grinch you absolute knob. This is the other Keane... not Kean. -1 rep for that bud


Player Valuation: £1m
lol. Let’s be honest they are both chronic.
Id give Michael more chance of scoring if played up front that Moise and Moise more chance of not getting skinned by every pro forward in England when defending compared to Michael.


Player Valuation: £70m


Player Valuation: £10m
Seen a few articles about Keane. I feel like the club are releasing them to tell the fans look hes staying for another year so you better get used to him.

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