2020/21 Mason Holgate

the sniderman

Player Valuation: £60m
in the spirit of kindness and fairness i am giving all those who wrote off holgate a 2 hour window to apologize which will be accepted beyond that point we gotta go deep on the cockroaches that infest us. thanks buddies.


Player Valuation: £100m
seen this??

sit down buddy ( not that u can stand up anyway u fat skip )

Imagine a world in which people change their opinion, rather than never have an opinion and spend their time pulling people on theirs.

I change mine weekly.


Player Valuation: £70m
You’re usually right, but on this you're definitely wrong!
Well Marcel it’s not often you are right, but you’re wrong again.

Well said, gentlemen ;)

....be very interesting, though, if a new CB comes in and impresses. On current form, he would perhaps partner Keane and if that partnership performs well then Holgate might have to be patient.

Will be interesting to see the type of player we sign.

Anyone without much pace and we'll surely be going with a deep defence which means Keane is pretty much a shoe in.

Someone with pace and we can play a mid-high line with Holgate or revert back to the deep defence when needed.

Any players out there who would catch your eye as being a good partner for Holgate and Keane? I feel we need a 1st choice rather than an 'option'.

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