2019/20 Marco Silva

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larbert toffee

Player Valuation: £60m
Stop trying to deflect from the fact that EFC should appoint Diego Simeone on Sunday evening.

It has been proven that we can afford him...he's obviously an ambitious manager so the next logical step for him is Everton Football Club because he has managed the second club in Madrid so now come and manage the First Club in the City of Liverpool...that's pretty logical don't you think?
Are you in denial?

I can help you. Honestly you need to grasp the truth. I understand that you think football is very complicated because you have never seen EFC pick up a trophy on Goodison Park. I can help educate you and put you on the right road...:cool:
So we agree to get Diego Simeone in then....yeah?

We can afford him so that's not an argument...he's wallowing at the second club in madrid...check

Let's go and make an absolute legend of the guy...imagine him with his all black suit and an appropriate EFC crest on his lapel trawling the technical area of the gigantic Main Stand of Goodison Park....



Player Valuation: £1m
Zat, thats a man who knows what hes talking about...?

Insert appropriate emoji here...

How about...


True Dave, 3pts home 1pt away is decent...

More lol

Not sure any of you watched the match...

Well, you didnt lol

He was all action today, screaming at the ref, 4th official...animated like Mourinho and thats no exageration...

Even went loco at Davies near the end for feigning cramp...

Quite a lot of places to watch an UTTERLY DOMINANT professional away performance...

Could have scored 5 or 6.


Top manager....


Should be 5 wins but for VAR cheating us.

UTTERLY DOMINANT...for those negative posters agenda driven ranting nonsense...

But for the CHEATS at the FA we would be 2pts clear in 5th now...5pts ROBBED.

Top top manager....

Motm for me....

Davies or Holgate...

Im torn...
Happy to be wrong. I want Silva to do well. I still think he subs too late in games and it costs us


Player Valuation: £8m
We literally won 3 of those 5 league games last season.
If your worried about Arsenal and UTD jog on, we're above UTD ffs.
Haha oh rose tinted glasses. Where’d you get those? I’d love a pair.

Forgive me for stating the obvious but this is in fact, a new year.

Another small minor detail two players from LAST years team, are no longer with the club and a third just tore up his ankle a little bit.

Now mind you all three of those wins from Last year, were all at home.

It’s quite a run of 6 matches was all I was saying.

I wish I could see a win over 18th in the table, Watford and 19th in the table south Hampton with as much optimism and hope as you do good sir.

FFS jog on, ha.

What a grumpy little guy you are.


Player Valuation: £750k
The argument that “the manager doesn’t miss the chances” is pathetic. What is he responsible for then? Nothing apparently according to some. When a team is playing well, confidence and unity flowing through the team, the chances are far easier to convert. Ask Leicester fans who are flying right now due to a belief instilled by the manager. If those goals go in we are quick to praise how well the managers doing right??? The manager has no physical control over the passes, shots or tackles the players make but he is generally responsible for the overall play due to his signings, team selection and training drills/techniques. Good managers improve players. Fact. It’s no coincidence that the best managers have players convert for them....all I’m saying is, there are far too many variables which all add up to a managers job to dismiss the idea that “the manager doesn’t miss the chances”


Player Valuation: £1.5m
Since the Burnley game on Oct 6th, Everton have been pretty good, they've only had the one bad result against Brighton. I watched the West Ham, Brighton and Southampton games, sometimes its not always the result, but player's effort and they've clearly been playing better than the opposition in the last month.
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