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Simon (brum)

Player Valuation: £225k
For me its very telling that the players havent given up on him, even at this late stage of the season the way they came out for the 2nd half when they could have just gone through the motions.

This season has been horrific, the results havent been good enough, at times the players have looked like League One standard.

But I demanded something to cling to and whilst today doesnt erase the past, its something to build on.

7 more games to go, dazzle me Marco.
Oh, so the win should be attributed to you then?? Where were you sat during your half time pep talk to the team??


Player Valuation: £40m
You have to give credit to a manager when the team looks that different in the second half. The first half...man, talk about disjointed. Isolated high pressure at times - which there was NO WAY Silva intended - and just terrible positioning and defensive play in the midfield. We just constantly allowed for overloads, mostly aimed at Coleman, and were obviously quite lucky to not concede a couple.

That being said, Sarri did us a HUGE favor by not attempting many free kicks. I just don't understand that. We were fouling the crap out of them in the first half - Gomes himself had probably 4 or 5 fouls by half alone. How stubborn do you have to be not to serve a couple ball into the box?

Mark O'Silver

Player Valuation: £15m
Still think this is a work in progress and the signs are there that he is getting somewhere. There has been a noticeable improvement defensively recently, barring last week when the Mina sub backfired on him.

There's no doubt that this season has been under par and below expectations but he's done enough to merit another stab at it next season.


Player Valuation: £70m
The fact he appears to have fixed our fragility from set pieces speaks volumes for me. We had 17 days off and we’ve looked streets better since. We even look half decent in the opposition box now too. The main thing I want from our manager is to see them learning from their mistakes, Marco appears to be doing that. Brands to gut the squad in the summer and get rid of a few mentally weak players too, few upgrades and next season could be decent. This never was a quick fix.

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
He’s stripping away the excuses from this shameful squad. The home crowd was up for it today and the players didn’t respond first half at all. Second half after a kick up the arse they actually execute his game plan and we win quite easily. They need constant cajoling to get anything out of them. I think Silva is learning though. You can’t trust them at all, the second this lot get complacent you get Pickford last week. He needs to keep his foot on their throats from now until the end of the season and demand consistency.


Player Valuation: £50m
I actually think Osman was spot on in what he said on MOTD. We do play in halves. I can't think of many games where we've played consistently for the 90. There has been undeniable signs of good stuff under Marco this season so it pretty much comes down to if he can make those brief spells happen more often.


Player Valuation: £25m
Today will not convince any of his detractors, but for those of us willing to be patient it was a further tantalising indication that this manager may be able to provide us with a convincing team next season.
I suspect this season will continue with ups and downs but I am already looking forward to next season when I fully expect Silva to deliver on his potential.


Potato Multi .... Soon
I still feel we do not create enough chances from open play against the top sides

I think it’s clear that Bernard and richarlison on the wings is the way forward

It’s taken him 30 odd games to realise this which is worrying

Let’s hope he will now be able to focus on building from the foundations and make us stronger

I think last week he made the wrong subs but this week the first 2 subs he made were spot on


Player Valuation: £50m
This line here is key to the whole argument mate. Last year when BFS was in charge, people were giving away their tickets because they don't want too watch that style of football, they want to be entertained. Allardyce has tried to put himself forward for pretty much every job that has come up so far this season and not one has taken any note of him, his hoofball is no longer wanted at any club it seems. Also you keep going on about Euro places, we are not anywhere near being ready to play in europe, i don't want us too qualify it would kill us at the moment, we could never cope and it would seriously impact our league form. We are at the moment a mid table club and that's just how things are.
Don’t waste your time mate. He lauds Allardyce so it tells you all you need to onow

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