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Player Valuation: £70m
Why woiuld I do that? First season clearing up Koemageddon and we're midtable.

Next season he'll be judged by those who make the decisions.
You said you’re happy Everton to be midtable next season. What’s the difference?


Player Valuation: £70m
Get behind your manager. Where's your loyalty?

Here's a question for his detractors (who scarpered last week btw): If you had to play Pickford in goal how many games would you win?

Honest answers appreciated.....

Dave, he doesn’t “have” to play him.

Pickford is no improvement on Stek so he might as well give the latter a go.

Or he can put his faith in his own judgement and give Virginia a go.....that is what I want to see happen next week.

Lord knows one of them should have to be playing in the next three games because Pickford should have been red carded today......or one would have to play if Pickford was injured.

If Silva feels Pickford is undroppable then I really will despair.


Player Valuation: £70m
"He needs his own players in"

Loses for the second time in club history after being up 2-0 at halftime whilst using 6 of his own players
This shout about getting his own players is nonsense. Mina is one of his,, he brought him on today and that sub was a disaster.
Bernard, Rich, Mina and Gomes have all been dropped at times in favour of inheritted players.
Ole has shown at United, it's not about getting your players, it's about knowing what you are doing.


victoria extra capi
Get him a mural and a huge pay off. Worked for the last bell that didnt know how to keep a lead.

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