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I am having difficulty with the Y-axis labeled "Point Gap" when that's clearly the chart's title, and the Y-axis is simply "Points"
Well yes the Y axis is just ‘Points’, but the red & blue lines demonstrate the points gap as each season progressed. Note the single time we were ahead briefly in 2015-16.

Charles Hawtrey

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I had a number of meetings today which included RS colleagues in attendance.

They never even mentioned the Derby...probably out of sympathy. In years gone by we would have lots of banter.

Now it's as if they feel sorry and that I have enough trouble following Everton.

Not sure which is worse, the banter of the past or the silence of today.

If they win as I expect., there is one of them who will have a grin on him tomorrow but the others will keep quiet.

I think I preferred the verbal to the silence.
One red in the office commented -"we never do well against the smaller teams" Kloppite

Not open for further replies.

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