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Marco Silva insists Everton will go to Anfield on Wednesday evening setup to play to take all three points.

“We were there [last season] to win the match and that’s what we will do tomorrow. Our ambition is to go there and get three points” Silva said.

“Let’s go with big motivation and with big courage to embrace the challenge like we did last season.

“Let’s go there to play. We have to enjoy it. It will be a tough game for sure. It is a special game for the city, for our fans. 

“It is a fantastic game to play. When you play derbies, it is always a fantastic atmosphere. We have to enjoy the game.

“All the players in the world have to enjoy when you are talking about Everton-Liverpool or Liverpool-Everton matches”.

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Tommy Chong

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Said it yesterday. They are no where near as good as their league position, and we are no where near as bad as ours.

If thats the message he has been drumming into the team, why not? Beats a knife to a gunfight in my book.

Yet they keep winning even though they're not playing at their best.

No doubt they'll be all firing just for us though. :(
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