Marcel Brands


Player Valuation: £40m
This is what worries me. Maybe thats why his form has been off this season as he actually done well last season and I was looking forward to him showing more.

Its a concern that him, Gomes and Keane (plus im convinced Schneiderlin) have spoken about mental health. Its a massive thing nowdays and I fully understand anyone can be affected but maybe playing infront of 40,000 fans with the pressure of modern day football isnt helping.
Anyone with a brain or a heart has sympathy and understanding with how debilitating mental health problems can be, but there’s no way Alex Ferguson would have his players coming out and bragging about how they had a panic attack once.

Mourinho wouldn’t have it either, neither would Klopp imo. But at Everton it seems to get you browning points. No wonder we are known for being chronic bottlers with an extremely weak mentality.


Player Valuation: £40m
I never would have thought that a highly-touted (and Dutch!) director of football would put together a side that looks so uncomfortable in possession.


Player Valuation: £40m
Hopefully the doors Ancelotti can open are better than his predecessors. And Brands gets to talk to agents and players he would never get the under Silva...


Player Valuation: £20m
He signed Alex Iwobi if there’s anything I can say about Iwobi before he came to us he seemed a big softy with no real passion.

he’s not an Everton player but who’s telling him what an Everton player needs to be.

Actually what ever is an Everton player anymore


Player Valuation: £70m
He signed Alex Iwobi if there’s anything I can say about Iwobi before he came to us he seemed a big softy with no real passion.

he’s not an Everton player but who’s telling him what an Everton player needs to be.

Actually what ever is an Everton player anymore
He’s definitely an Everton player. A coward with very limited ability and bought for stupid money. He has 21st Century Everton player written all over him.


Player Valuation: £8m
Has had time and will kno what positions we need. We have to improve carlo has worked hard each game to get us ad high as possible but these players arent not good enough we are shocking at cm and desperate for a rm. i find it hard to say brands has done anything more than ok since he has been here

Bullens Rd

Player Valuation: £1m
He's been every bit as bad as Walsh, for me.

The two signings of Delph and Iwobi for total 45m and 200k a week between them is absolutely criminal.

He's essentially guaranteed the best part of 100m on those two with wages and transfer fees all added together.

35m Iwobi
10m Delph

100k a week each = 5.2m a year for their wages total

Delph got a 3 year deal, Iwobi a 5 year one. 5.2m x 8 years = 42m in wages between them

97m all in


If we say the average ticket price at Goodison is 30 quids, that means we need 38000 through the turnstiles every home game, for FOUR AND A HALF YEARS, just to recoup that money.

For what????

Yes I'm angry
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Player Valuation: £8m
Steve Walsh hit more winners than Brands. Our transfer record is disgraceful under him.

The Mosh is one patient and forgiving gentleman.


Player Valuation: £750k
The reason for our dreadful performance tonight and continued poor performances in key games is the poor quality of players we have at our club. This is due to the recruitment. This guy is in charge of it. He has bought two players who I would say are of the required standard. The other 8+ (I lose count) are not. You think that is good enough? He's spent $100 mill+ on Iwobi, Kean, Mina and Gomes. Mina did OK tonight but he's much of a muchness for me. Just imagine, if we had spent $23 million (Gomes) on a good quality centre mid , maybe Maddison. $28 million on an exciting winger from abroad (I have a job so I dont have time to scout Europe), $25 million plus each on a quality centre half and an exciting forward. We'd be a new team. Instead he's bought dross and some fans still try and find positives in players who are way off the standard required to challenge the top teams. Are people watching the same team as me? We've played four games since the restart and scored from open play once. By the way, we've now got another $120k a weeker, on the bench, useless, and unable to sell. How many years does Bernard have on his contract he will sit on???
100% agree with recruitment but we had to get what was available to us and what Marco wanted too, there’s a chance a lot of the transfers weren’t brands’ first choice.

I have faith in his system and can only hope with Carlo being in Marcos position now that the players we’re hearing linked/chasing are a step up.

would definitely have loved to get Lozano or one of the many wingers we were linked with but a lot of the times it comes down to the player wanting a different move too

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