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Ah you're one of them, just because we have less of the ball doesn't mean we aren't comfortable. Obviously this game is not a good example. But we don't have the team to go and outplay better teams. That's how you get battered.
We haven’t out played lesser teams West Brom we were lucky that souls of scored so many before we went 2-1 up both Newcastle games very poor west ham very poor we don’t control games and stand of teams and wonder why we get beat


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Don’t understand the shouts about Gomes being too negative. He’s the one who has at least been looking for the ball over the top to the forwards, especially early on. Think there’s a bit of bias going on there, as he was one of our best in that half.
Agreed, he shows for the ball constantly even when under pressure, Davies is doing ok as a ball winner but he's hiding when we have the ball in tight situations and its part of the problem with us turning over in our own half.
Need to be braver all over the pitch


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Calm down lads...this was always gonna happen!

We shot our load against Leeds, we had to run our nuts off on Wednesday and United had a walk in the park against Southampton on Tuesday.

Fresh legs were always gonna win out, this season is a joke, just for the turn around in games.

If we get something in the second half brilliant, if we lose we lose. It was always advantage to United, even before the first whistle.

I’m gonna let this game slide, but that might have something to do with the three triple rums and coke (that’s Coca Cola mum, I promise)


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Never give up on a game but if we go into the second half with this same attitude I'm doing something else. Really brings me down watching everton turn over like that.
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