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Rudolf Hucker

Player Valuation: £15m
If Duncan can pull off a result today, it will be some achievement.

Never thought we’d miss either Schneiderlin or Walcott, but with the big holes in our squad & key injuries, the would both be guaranteed starters today.

Honestly don’t know how he can fill the DM role today? Definitely not the National position of either Sigurdsson or Davis. Baningme??

Loss of Walcott probably means Richarlison has to drop back, which would be a real shame. He definitely needs to be played through the middle.
But if he did drop back, gives chance to play Keane up top with DCL. Man U defence definitely suspect. We will need to score 2 to get anything.

If Coleman is fit, could play him & push Sidibe forward or even do that on the left with Baines/Digne??

But DM definitely the biggest headache today.

Come on Big Dunc! COYB!!!


Player Valuation: £70m
I fear our numerous injuries will finally catch up with us today. We’re looking hideously light in midfield and their front 3 is fantastic when on song. Full strength I’d actually fancy us against them, but we’re a long way from full strength. If Beni is fit, it’s probably worth the gamble.
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