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Player Valuation: £60m
We were linked with him before United signed him if memory serves me correctly? I always thought he was a Rolls Royce but he hasn’t hit the heights I thought he would just yet
Didn't Martínez try to get him on loan,but we ended up with Traore instead?


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He wasn't, it was his body language - he just looked knackered because you normally only see that from a player who is knackered.

No defending the lad.
Fully agree and for peole slating Ferguson for taking him off, it’s just as worse for him to walk straight down the tunnel and not back to the bench.

I doubt we’ll see him again.


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It’s players going up for a ball on a corner, basically every single guy in the box is doing something that would be a foul in the middle of the park

Charles Hawtrey

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Watched the Barclays highlights on Youtube again this morning - according to them we only touched the ball twice in their half and Pickford was our only player with any possession - what a biased piece of coverage!! i think they showed about 24 pieces of action and only 2 were us....


Player Valuation: £70m
Didn't Martínez try to get him on loan,but we ended up with Traore instead?
Pre United? Yeah maybe actually. My memory was that we were in for him for not a huge amount of money then 6 months later United bought him for 60 odd million and gave him a contract with a Ballon d’Or clause


Player Valuation: £70m
Shame about the equaliser, watching it back it was just a very smart finish.
Watching it live first time I thought Pickford was slow getting across.
Then on replay you see it was a good slot.
You could argue the defenders could have done more, but you could say that about any goal ever!
That Greenwood could have a good future. Looks an instinctive finisher. Then again, so did Franny Jeffers at the start!


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Folks, there is still time to vote, the poll for the ManU game doesn't close till 3.57pm on Thursday ;)
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