2021/22 Lucas Digne

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Player Valuation: £500k
He has been declining since second half of last season - when we were defending a lot too...When his attacking output isn't that great, he can look really poor defensively. He can be beaten by pacey and skillful wingers easily...I get why he is being asked to defend more but sadly defending was never his strongest ability, so it might be possible that what we are seeing as a decline is actually just the actual Digne, who was never that good defensively to begin with.

Noisy noise annoys

Player Valuation: £35m
Of course he is "bothered" ffs, he is just going through the same crisis of confidence/form as all our players. What really helps is fans hurling abuse at them for it,


Player Valuation: £50m
He's had his best tool stifled, getting forward. He has nobody in front of him to link properly with, he has been taken off set pieces. There are reasons he isn't the same player, he's being asked to do things solely that aren't his best strengths.

Yes he gets rinsed by wingers a bit often for my liking but his strengths are attacking and in modern football that is a plus.


Player Valuation: £8m
Just think he’s given up, could be playing for a team playing in the champions league, surrounded by [Poor language removed], the promised project never materialised, defensive manager doesn’t play to his strengths. He’s disillusioned and probably got an eye on a move come the summer.
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