2020/21 Jordan Pickford


Player Valuation: £30m

We’re replacing you with Roma’s 3rd choice keeper Jordan....

Jamo Martinez

Player Valuation: £70m
I know you're playing devils advocate, but he is getting close to making a mistake every game on average.

Spurs game he was great, dominated his area and looked like a confident keeper, I thought he'd turned a corner.

But his positioning was suspect for the first goals against West Brom and West Ham. Both goals in the Fleetwood game were howlers from him. First goal against Brighton absolute howler, and he got away with a stupid punch in the second half that could have cost us again.

We've conceded 8 goals all season, and hes been at fault for more than half of them. That ratio is just nowhere near good enough I'm afraid, you can't defend it
Agree with all of that except the West Ham goal. Hit first time from the inside left position through a crowded area and swerving away from him into the far corner.

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