2019/20 Jonas Lossl

If he plays more than 5 times for us this season we've either gone deep into a Cup or something has gone terribly wrong with Pickford

Either way, I'm glad to sponsor him

Why don't we learn a bit more about him eh?

From Kolding in Denmark, Lossl started out in the youth ranks of his local team in 1996 before moving to FC Midtyjlland in 2004. He was there until 2014, where he travelled to Holland before moving on to Mainz in Germany and eventually Huddersfield in 2017

He has played 313 competitive club games in his career and has also turned out once for Denmark

At 6 foot 5 inches, he's clearly a man who ate a lot of open sandwiches in his younger days

As mentioned earlier, he's probably not going to play for us much this season barring some serious injury/suspension issues, but he seems like he should be a reasonably safe pair of hands as a backup, and I'm sure we'll all support him whenever duty calls from him to get betwixt the sticks for our beloved Blues!

Godt at have dig her hos Everton Jonas!


Player Valuation: £40m
Anyone else noticed he seems to have disappeared since Dunc came in.
Admittedly this is a complete guess but one of those who is apparently assisting Duncan is Alan Kelly, the goalkeeping coach. I assume he prefers Stek to Lossl and that's why there's been the change.

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