January Transfer Window 2023

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I think the scouts are always targeting players in different markets and it reaches Mosh and Bill who don't sign off unless they've heard of them or been convinced. It's another reason why we need these jokers out

We really don't have to make up imaginary stories to create another reason for wanting them to leave.
Likely go towards debt/ffp . If we go down, it just about covers the loss in earning next season.

I don't think it's wise to spend £40million this window. Better to go for loans and players who can do a job. Can't see Southampton selling us anyone.

We dont have a debt. FFP is resolved and some now, with some cases available.

We would be stupid not to invest now, as we would lose a lot more money if we went down.

Well you can see a massive divide in the comments. Those who hate him because he misses chances, and those that appreciate what he does bring.

Same sort of comments we'd see under a Dom rumour.

He would fit what Dyche wants. I have no idea if a deal could be done at the right price.

Interesting looking player. Looks quite slow and yet seems able to turn defenders well and find space to shoot. Pace isn't essential - just ask Harry Kane.

Even Cenk Tosun managed to bag a few for us, and this lad looks way more mobile. But we'll see....
Is our twitter admin banned or something nothing about Dyche or Gordon when every man and his dog knows
Has been told to wait until deadline day...doing it the everton way. Looks like we are busy on deadline day when in fact everything has already been wrapped up days ago.
Linked with Ryan Fraser and Che Adams this morning. Do our scouts ever leave the country? Why does no one who has access to these people really ask Thelwell or somebody else how they propose to improve this team with castoffs, while teams around us buy French and German wonder kids for 11 million. Will Everton ever be anything other than pathetic ever again?
And those same teams sell those gems for huge profits...example caicedo...crazy that we were linked with the guy before he moved to Brighton for peanuts. Our recruitment has been pathetic for a very long time now.

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