January transfer window 2022/23

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Player Valuation: £120m
I dunno, they'll be getting big bucks and guaranteed these big bucks for years. Most of these players imo don't really care if it's big bucks under Chelsea or loaned out to various English or continental sides. Also, there is probably some reputational benefit of being a Chelsea starlet. Once your Chelsea contract finishes you'll have a whole host of great contacts in the game. You'd have to be a really poor senior player not to get a decent contract somewhere else once your Chelsea contract ends.

There are many MANY examples of this not happening at Chelsea.


Player Valuation: £1.5m
Be interesting to see what happens with Diaz if he has another good season. Hopefully we’ve left things in a good place for pre-contract agreement if he does


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Think we're about 3 top-quality players away from seriously starting to challenge for Europe again, if the young guys like Gordon / Onana / Patterson continue to develop to their full potential and Dom gets healthy and starts scoring consistently. Of course, if those things don't happen, we'll need more.

But best-case-scenario: new star RW, new young, up-and-coming CB, possibly new LB.

I doubt much of that gets done in January, though, with prices likely to be inflated post-World Cup. But if it were up to me, that would be the clear plan for next summer, at least.

We finance the new RW mostly with the Kean money from Juventus. That pushes Gray to the bench, which gives us better depth in the forward line as well.

Free up money for a new CB by Mina's contract being up and just replacing him with Branthwaite and then seeing if we can sell Keane and Godfrey. New guy should be good enough to challenge Tarkowski / Coady for a starting spot right away. Which would push one of them to the bench and leave us with something like:

Tarkowski - New guy
Coady - Holgate

If Myko can develop some offensive game, then we don't need a new LB. He's very good defensively, but we need more production from that spot at some point. So that one's pending how the rest of this season goes.

Midfield doesn't need too much work now. Allan will be gone, but we can just not replace him and save the money. I think Doucure and Davies will be out of contract? So what happens there would just depend on how they play out the rest of this season. If they're good, extend them. If not, let them go. Replace with Warrington and/or a new prospect like Kudus, depending on availability of funds.

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