January Transfer Thread 2020

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Player Valuation: £101m
Bayern Munich midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg has confirmed he will leave the club in the summer after three years at the club.

Hojbjerg, 20, was tipped as a future star when outgoing Bayern boss promoted the Denmark international into the first time in 2013
but his career has stagnated since.

The Denmark international has endured two loan spells at Augsburg last season and Schalke this time around but has been told by incoming Bayern boss Carlo Ancelotti that he does not feature in his plans and will now look for another club this summer.

“Club hunting sounds a little desperate,” Hojbjber told Danish newspaper BT, via DW Sports. “I’m going out and finding the right match, I’ll go out and find something that suits me.

“However, it is clear that it does not need to be a top club. I need to find a place where there is perspective.”
He was in Bayern's first team at 13??


Player Valuation: £30m
they aren't even the same thing, a footballer who naturally wants to win win trophies/improving himself going to the Chinese League at his prime age of 26, You can have all the talent but if you ain't up for it then it's pointless.
Trophies dont give you nothing In retirement, for a footballer money really has to come first, they retire around 35, nowadays they can earn enough wedge never to have to work again. A season or two in china helps massively with that. its nice winning thing, but a bulging bank account at 35 probably tops that, trophies are just a bonus For a modern day footballer.


Player Valuation: £70m

"Everton 's departure (Cebolinha) to Everton FC is well advanced. There are details missing between the clubs for the deal to be implemented. Transaction takes place in this window for the athlete to arrive in England and already act with the other companions. "

Not open for further replies.

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