January Transfer Thread 2020

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Player Valuation: £70m
Like Ndombele was talk of the town previously ? I'd wait on Gbamin before shelling out more on unknowns. Just my view like.
Nothing wrong with Ndombele + who is competing with Gbamin in defensive midfield?

If Gbamin is out (like now) weve got no one decent to come in.

Worth the £25mil i think...


Player Valuation: £10m
You mean like a 28m Tosun, or a 20m Walcott. Because that's all you're getting in January.
Read the message ‘ if the RIGHT player comes available’ you go and buy him, were they the right players and bought by the team that is here now?

On another note, Walcott has been one of our better players this season
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Player Valuation: £5m
Difficult to know whether to get shot of people in Jan or end of season.

With Gomez and Gbamin out, shipping out midfielders is risky especially if we have get past Leicester and RS in cups.

But at the end of the season I'd say there's a bit of a bus queue forming, including:

- Niase or Tosun (and we need a replacement)
- Wallcot
- MS
- Sigs
- Baningime (if we're not gonna play him)

I think Baines heads out this season anyway, and I'm really not sure about Iwobe and Kean up front either...

So there's a lot of headroom there salary and we'd get £100m for that lot anyway with a fresher squad to show for it.

Much more interested in the U21 / 23 additions we need to make...
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