Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski

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The minimum requirement is maximum effort
Takeaway from the posts after the game is that @TheBigIguana doesnt want a natural leader as the captain...

...because he's not got a fancy image.

This is all too Conor Coady for me.
No the exception is if they’ve won something and their name is in capital letters

…not that anyone else in our team have won anything either but yeah


Player Valuation: £70m
You didn’t even read my original post did you? I said add him to the vice captaincy. He can wear it when Coleman isn’t playing. Don’t give a toss about figureheads. You don’t need to “play at an exceptional level” to wear a match day armband at Everton.

The thing is, in your suggestions Coleman remains as figurehead captain as well. So it doesnt even cause that dilemma.

In honesty, hes the closest thing we have to a captain out there, irrespective of whether he has the armband or not.


The minimum requirement is maximum effort
Tarkowski is the player that makes the other defenders relax when he is playing. That solid defender that gives the other players confidence because he is there.
We have been mix and match for far too long now.
The next Jagielka
Without Jags in the team, Distin, Lescott and Stones were all completely inferior


Player Valuation: £40m
The captain is the figurehead of the club and I think making Tarkowski our figurehead screams for everyone to hear that we're an utter shambles.

He can still lead the team while letting Pickford or Dominic Calvert-Lewin or whoever handle being the guy front and center.
Book recommendation for you: The Captains Class by Sam Walker.
It’s a great read about leadership both inside and outside of sports

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