2021/22 James Rodriguez

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Player Valuation: £70m
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Didn’t have a chance to reply in the other thread…

yeah he’s only four for 2/3 of the league games, but we knew that when we signed him.
Also, we got him on a free. If we’d paid £10m, and we’re paying him 45k p/w (the same overall outlay) no one would be batting an eyelid.

Yeah, maybe it’s too much for a player the manager won’t play. But the fact the manager won’t play him is the problematic part of that equation.


Allardyce Out
Apparently on £200k a week. Misses a crazy amount of games, as seen today. Is an astonishing footballer on his day, but I can't blame Benitez or the club for thinking freeing up his wages for 1-2 signings who'll actually play and contribute is a good idea.

It's a shame, ideally we'd be in a position where we could keep him AND add players, but he's not reliable enough to build a side around, so he's a luxury player when we literally can't afford the luxury.
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