2020/21 James Rodriguez


Player Valuation: £10m
I think it's a big stat for Ice Hockey (might be wrong sport) but pretty much for those exact reasons you mentioned.
Killer ball through, reciever plays simple square ball for the eventual scorer.
On review, James' contribution was perhaps more telling.

Yes. In ice hockey, assists are awarded for the two passes leading to a goal ( if the shooter scores without the benefit of two passes from a teammate, ie steals the puck from a defenseman, shoots, and scores, then no assist is awarded).

In the NHL equivalent of a Golden Boot competition, goals and assists each count as one point. So the pass before the pass before the goal counts as much as the goal itself re: determining the league scoring title.


Player Valuation: £2.5m

As well as trying to claim Sigurdsson brings more to the team in a game than James does, by creating chances, which let’s face it shouldn’t be difficult when you’re on virtually every set piece, like Gylfi was. Imagine trying to use defensive responsibility as a stick to beat James with, when it’s not a role he was brought in to do.

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