Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

Dwight K Schrute

Player Valuation: £750k’ll be great if the likes of Richarlison is on the same wavelength. A player who is prepared to make runs in behind can be confident of being found by Rodriguez.
Think there may be some teething problems with this. Our forwards are so slow to make runs and react because they have become used to ponderous build up play and midfielders who lack the skill/belief to play with their heads up. Would be lovely to see the introduction of James and Allan change that about us. If it does I think we can expect a lot more goals.


Player Valuation: £35m
I don't really get the building up a storm idea. If so, there is a hurricane and people have been waiting in this "any second now" state since Friday.

I don't think the club have anything to gain by holding up his unveiling if everything has been completed, which leads me to think there are some practicalities still to finalise. Things seem done, just not fully done, and James himself might be a bit of a diva regarding specific requirements that he expects to club to fulfill, or comply with before the big announcement.

Once Allan was done, it finished off the idea of the triple unveiling, which is the only reasonable theory for wanting to delay anything.

I guess you won't want to do something like this in the morning or very late at night, but any other time is good.

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