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Transfer Rumour Ishak Belfodil

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Neiziro, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Armel

    Armel Player Valuation: £10m

    Watch the RTBF interview; there he explains it all. They initially offered him a one year contract on a low wage (5000 €/month) but they have already triggered the added year clause.
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  2. Toffe3m4n

    Toffe3m4n Player Valuation: £70m

    In French like, but yeah.
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  3. Mikelangelo

    Mikelangelo Player Valuation: £750k

    You will find the answer in the bible... Matthew 4:10
  4. The Rhino

    The Rhino Player Valuation: £8m

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  5. mikeh72

    mikeh72 Player Valuation: £70m

    I'm actually frightened about this one
  6. Doolstar70

    Doolstar70 Player Valuation: £1m

    He looks like a target man to compliment Lukaku.
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  7. Lune1878

    Lune1878 Player Valuation: £1.5m

    Gambling debts. Needs the regular signing bonus to keep the wolves at bay.

    Not sure mate. Hopefully a success with us however long he is here.
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  8. Toffe3m4n

    Toffe3m4n Player Valuation: £70m

    This. He's being picked up on the basis that he appears to work hard, is comfortable with the ball at his feet, but primarily likes to actually attack crosses into the box. A foil for Rom surely.
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  9. Doolstar70

    Doolstar70 Player Valuation: £1m

    Absolutely, seems to score headed goals. Might make our set pieces a bit more dangerous.
  10. n01efc

    n01efc Player Valuation: £10m

    Where's this interview?
  11. Armel

    Armel Player Valuation: £10m

    Here you go: LINK
  12. Mrtallywacker

    Mrtallywacker GOT spiritual advisor Forum Supporter

    Fine advice my son. God bless.
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  13. dandydan

    dandydan Player Valuation: £50m

    Be careful what you wish for.
  14. bol-uk

    bol-uk Player Valuation: £35m

    2 were loans and one club went bankrupt
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  15. bol-uk

    bol-uk Player Valuation: £35m

    Good god
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