Transfer Rumour Ishak Belfodil

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His scoring record isn't great, last thing you want to do as an unproven forward is play for us. Confidence will be rock bottom by the end of the season.

Hoping to be proven wrong or we get someone who can really carve open chances at 10. If not we have temporarily gotten rid of Niasse just to have another on the bench. (or even out of the team)
Part of my is cynical, in that, why not just sign him up for the summer on a free transfer, seeing as he's only one year contract?

Ah well. €10m is a drop in the ocean. Gueye was roughly that.

I hope the last 7 years are not indicative of what we should expect and that he not only stays here a long time but also stays fit and bangs in plenty of goals.

Just not feeling it ATM.

9 goals and 4 assist in 21 games is very good.

He was massively rated at Parma, where he got a big move to Inter when he was 20 years old, as with many young lads, he didn't settle, and looks to have been tryiiing to find a "Home" properly since then.

Now looks to have settled a bit and found some form, due to his work rate.

Lets look positively

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