Transfer Rumour Ishak Belfodil

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Neiziro, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. GrandOldTeam

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    Probably worth its own thread now.

    ALANSTUBBS Player Valuation: £5m

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  3. Osamabindiesel

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    That was fast

    ALANSTUBBS Player Valuation: £5m

    As we indicated this morning, Ishak Belfodil is on his way to Everton. Tuesday night, the Mersey club and its Liège counterpart negotiated the passage of the Algerian international to Goodison Park. An initial offer of € 10 million was made. According to our information, the amount of the transaction could well amount to 12M €, a bargain for the Standard who did not spend a single euro to attach the services of the playmaker of the Rouches.

    The player, it seems, is already on the same wavelength as the club of Lukaku and Mirallas. Best of all, he should logically leave the Liège training camp this Thursday to join his new home port in England, which was his dream. Some details remain to be settled but the officialization will not be delay and will intervene this Thursday. Meanwhile, Belfodil, as a professional, trained normally this morning and he should do the same for the afternoon session.
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  5. Azza

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    @Eggs won't be happy about this.
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  6. mikewex

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    Not one to normal diss a player before he joins, but not really feeling this one. Ah well, hopefully its a Walsh special.
  7. billytoffee

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    The key question here now is:

    Did the premature thread closure actually force this deal over the line or did it simply deprive us the GOT community of 35 pages of lunacy to sift through over lunch time?
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  8. Timak

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    Just been on a Standard forum and they all seem to be saying he was far too good for them and has a remarkable work rate and attitude. A good sign.

    However his record up to now suggests he is nowhere near good enough for a team with top 4 aspirations.

    Best of luck to him.
  9. The Cowboy

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    His name scans perfectly into 'I love rock n roll' by Joan Jett. Get him in.
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    ALANSTUBBS Player Valuation: £5m

    As Walsh seems really keen on Algeria please find below some fun facts about Algeria

    1. Algeria is the largest country by area in Africa. Before 2011, when South Sudan became independent, Sudan was the largest.

    2. The Sahara Desert covers 80 per cent of Algeria.

    3. Over a million Algerians were killed in the fight for independence from France in 1962.

    4. Algeria has competed at every summer Olympics since 1964, winning five gold medals.

    5. They twice won each of the men’s and women’s 1500 metres. The other one was for boxing.
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  11. Ashtonian

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    Boyhood blue it seems

    Or big fan of the beatles.
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  12. flibbyflob

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    Never heard of him so hopefully he is like Mahrez and Kante were when Walsh got them in for Leicester as i'd never heard of them either.
  13. Seathestars

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    I wandered, as lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o'er vales and hills
    When all at once, a celebrating crowd
    A derby winner, by Belfodil.

    You're welcome.
  14. Eggs

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    ...ah chucks, I suppose so.
  15. davek

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    8 clubs in the last 7 years.
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