Iconic song for new stadium

Ralphie Boy

Player Valuation: £5m
Needs searchlights too.
Hell yes, one each corner roaming the sky’s for absolutely nothing but looking good!

With all of this going on we also need the Liver Building blue for all home games so the visitors to the city know we are at home prior to the air raid warning and searchlights!!!!!

This just gets better and better the more I think about it.


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We shall not be moved works for me:

Well I'm on my way to heaven
We shall not be moved
On my way to heaven
We shall not be moved
Just like a team that's standing by the water side
We shall not be moved

Tim UpperBullen

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Somebody needs to put Everton words to Johnny Todd (Z Cars).
I think just use the original words. A traditional song already part of the fabric of the club and the city, which fits in well with being in the docks. It should be sung not chanted.... really would be Everton, no other club would sing it. It has a relevance to the locality which other "windy" songs sung by other clubs plucked from a musical just doesn't have


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I dont think the original poster is talking about dropping Z Cars for something else, i think he is talking more for after a game when we have won or something like that.

Hibs dont walk out to sunshine on Leith, but they ring it out at the end of a game when they have won

Charles Hawtrey

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The Proclaimers clip was a tear jerker!!
I like "Ferry 'Cross the Mersey" or some other geographically linked song. Clearly the Hibs fans identified with Sunshine on Leith.

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