Player Valuation: £70m
Based off recent performances and personality I hate Delph for being a massive bell end and Sigurdsson for being a coward who has quality but never stood up when we needed him except the odd penalty and one good performance in the cup.
I don’t hate anyone else but I dislike Iwobi, Gomes, Holgate as footballers because they all have talent but contribute so rarely and make terrible decisions on the pitch.


Player Valuation: £8m
Call me naive but I am sure some of these threads are created just to exacerbate the issue the creator is complaining about

Paul Rideout

Player Valuation: £30m
I have a list of players I wish we hadn’t signed. And I’m more likely for them to not put a shift in/be useless/not get vaccinated


Player Valuation: £70m
I don't hate anything about football. It's not that important. I might get worked up watching the game and boo a lot but it's not worth hatred.
I don't have to live or work with kopites, mind you. That might lead to some bad thoughts.

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