Player Valuation: £40m
I'm on the dislike train, even with Delph, I'd need to know them personally to hate them and even then they'd have to be pretty awful. Let's not pretend that there's nothing to dislike though.

Noisy noise annoys

Player Valuation: £25m
I remember me arl fella getting hit by a flying cushion when he was in the enclosure. He said it stunk of a sweaty arse and lobbed it straight onto the pitch nearly taking a player’s head off.
I had a hot dog launched at me at qpr once. My fault for celebrating when we scored in their end

Walter Ego

Player Valuation: £25m
My mum says the same thing but she supports Brighton and she doesn't have to put up with seeing that sack of excrement sitting on our bench week in and week out . I'm sure she will check her philosophy if she did .
She must have been tempted when they played at a dog track in front of 500 people.

Noble Savage

Player Valuation: £10m
She must have been tempted when they played at a dog track in front of 500 people.
She loved that place , weirdo woman. You have to remember where they were at the time . On a steady decline with no investment . We have investment and we choose a manager who's own career was in freeefall and bought two cast offs and a goalie who's only redeeming feature is that he has a wife who has done more for the club than the sicknote scientist .

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