Happy Birthday GrandOldTeam!

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Happy birthday... great match feed on facebook, great members, found out this great forum recently. Happy happy happy

Aye, congratulations GOT and in particular it's owner, moderators and last but not least the members from far and wide. Keep it up lids.;)

Happy B'day GOT :) Been here since summer of the first year, now this is pretty much the only place I go for Everton news and debate. Here's to 50 more years! Hope EFC gets the success GOT deserves for us all to celebrate together ;)
Happy Birthday GOT.
Only place for me to get all the news, best discussions as well!
Not to mention, it's really hard to find real toffees down here who know more about the club than Cahill, so it gives me a chance to actually talk about the best ****ing team on this planet, many thanks for that as well :D
Congrats D/D. I'm sure you're a nice man.

GOT's boss though. It must be the only forum in the world without any bad tits (except Nik).

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