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Several Utd fans were arrested after hundreds stormed Old Trafford; one for glassing a Policeman.
They also caused the game to be called off.

I'd say that's far worse than what happened to Gordon (I don't condone that at all by the way).

Neither is in anyway productive to what the greater good want and are trying to achieve but Utd really aren't a good example mate.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think it was the way that a player was targeted on his own that looked so bad with Gordon
Why has the club overlooked Dr David France as a non-executive director? One of the greatest living Evertonians. Educated - four degrees, executive savvy - successes in strategic planning, profit improvement and business operations in the US oil industry, passionate Blue - travelled two million miles to home games from Houston, lifetime president of the EFCSA, founder of the former-players association and heritage society.
Spot on that. I’d have thought Peter Reid would have come out and said something.
Sadly he's another one that's decided a good plate if scran and a few wines in the lounge are the price of his integrity.

He's also got a part time gig on the occasional legends tour at GP (He's doing one today)

He may look like a mafia enforcer with his hat and turned up coat collar sat 3 seats behind Kenwright, but he's been bought off really cheaply.


Sorry my mistake.
Oh you nailed it mate just feel the slight alteration made it more accurate . I’m genuinely so sad that the man I worshipped as a God seems to feel we’re the enemy and his mates in the boardroom are his allies . In a couple of years when moshiri has moved on and bill has gone do you think he’ll look back and be happy with his choices ? Whether That extra holiday, new car Or bigger Conservatory were worth it ?
Maybe I'm wrong but I think it was the way that a player was targeted on his own that looked so bad with Gordon
Absolute knobheads that done that and I know they never attacked him or anything like that, just shouted abuse, but that is terrible publicity, especially when a peaceful protest had been impeccably done after the match. But I will say one thing, after all that bad gone on, accusations and awful result of the match itself, why did players choose to not go home on the Coach they arrived on ? Awful decisions by the players themselves and amateurish by our club and manager for letting them.

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