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Jack daw

The football is dire,there's nothing exciting happening on the pitch side to side passing,there's no quick ball we never really score an exciting break away goal the crowd respond to entertaining quick moving high pressing football that's what we need,


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Sorry m8 you've typed out a load of a nonsense, Have you seen our results? Have you seen how the manager is setting the team up and the way we're playing? How can ANYONE get behind that it's absolutely awful to watch chuck in embarrassing results to boot like the Sheff United performance why should people be happy with this?
The manager sets the tone with his selection and way of playing and he's absolutely messed it up big time and people are unhappy and rightfully so.


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the fans haven't disappointed

we turn up everyweek regardless of how turd we are, every single week

we do our job, it's time for the players to do theirs
And thats all they do, Goodison has been as drearily quiet for about 10 years now. I personally blame the Park End meffs.


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And thats all they do, Goodison has been as drearily quiet for about 10 years now. I personally blame the Park End meffs.
it's quiet when we aren't playing well like, but when we are playing well I think it's sound ( and obviously the odd games its a belter )

just don't get the whole the atmosphere affects us bollox though, we have amazing vocal away fans so why is our away form absolutely terrible then?

Kaiser Soysauce

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What a ridiculous article.

It's supposed to be entertainment. What I watch on a weekly basis if far from entertaining. We have a right, as a consumer to be dissatisfied. We have a right to complain and moan. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum?! Trading standards may need to have a look at this!!

Had more fun this week watching the gas engineer service the combi boiler.


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The fans who think it’s anyone else’s fault other than Silva and the players are the ones that are the problem. Not the fans who don’t cheer when we play terribly each week.


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I think if you look at the clubs performance over the last couple of decades , many false dawns, many cases of one step forward and two or three back, overhype leading to egg on the face for some, it’s bound to have an effect on a person or persons.

Cynicism grows with these things, the “Oh here we go again” feeling and it’s happening again this season. Why do you think there is excitement yet a lingering sense of apprehensiveness with about the stadium? Three failed ground moves in succession will do that to people and trolls have been playing on that with the WhatsApp nonsense this week which even made the lead architect to call it out.

The fans turn out and in numbers, I look at the away following in particular. If the club did become successful just imagine what it would be like. I get the sense some are desperate to praise and be genuinely excited and when there isn’t much going on to feel like that what else is there? Why lie to yourself?

You make a good point about being supportive, I get that, within that though you shouldn’t lie to yourself either. Being critical isn’t always a bad thing, it can help things get better, improve and learn from. Personally I’d rather have constructive criticism than apathy. The club would crap itself if real apathy crept in large numbers and they know it. Every fan base has the more sycophantic or total gloom element to it. Not everyone is the same.

As for Liverpool, if they win the league then our fans might wake up a bit. It shouldn’t be about them anyway it should be about us, us doing better, us winning things and having the ambition and talent from top to bottom to do so.

It’s easy to take plaudits, criticism seems more difficult.

Charles Hawtrey

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REading this I am dreaming...If only the words of Whacko Jacko were true:
It's black, it's white
It's tough for you to get by (yeah, yeah, yeah)
It's black, it's white
In fact its not. The reason we have poor results is not entirely down to the Goodison atmosphere nor is the converse true.
The internet is a fun place where it is either black or white.. as humans we should be able to take input from various sources, think, synthesize the facts and offer reasoned discussion. The internet doesn't offer that. I hate to see humans, and blues in particular, reduced to sub-human thoughtless polarization. not just on this topic.
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