Evertons best team 69/70 , 84/85 squads (77/78 + 78/79 optional * )

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  1. mikey 62

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    Apologies if done before , also in no way do I profess to being an expert IMO this is my personal choices

    anyway here goes !

    Being born as an Evertonian I started appreciating Everton from 69/70 , I have picked IMO my best players from the 69/70 , 84/85 + 86/87 league winning squads - I have added a ruling - you can only pick max 6 players from any of these squads

    * As personal and optional choice - (as I was back in the UK at that time and consider these teams being highly unfortunate not to win trophies) - in brackets I have included players from the 77/78 + 78/79 squads - (you can do the same with any other years squads if you like ? )

    Goal Keeper - Southall
    Backs - T Wright , Van Den Hauwe , Ratcliffe , Labone ( Lyons )
    Midfield - Harvey , Kendall , Ball ( King )
    Forwards - Royle , Heath , T Steven ( Latchford , Thomas , Mckenzie )
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  2. degsy

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    Been done to death in the last 6mts
    3rd 86 - 87
    2nd 62 - 63
    Deadheat for first 69 -70 / 84 - 85
    Tie breaker
    84 - 85 just shade it 20 frames to 19...
    Reason 69-70 would score the most 147s but 84-85 would win more of the tight frames, the 56 - 59 ones because tnay hated to lose that little bit more
    But if you give me one go in the TARDIS or De Lorean, I'd go back to 1969 and watch it all again
    Edit not exactly what you wanted but hey, its what you got
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  3. helpimonfire

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    1927-33 we had a very decent team. I heard that the striker was pretty good as well.
  4. mikey 62

    mikey 62 Player Valuation: £750k

    Thought must have be done before but not that recently TBH

    anyway - win some lose some

    Thanks for the reply and your choices
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  5. Alanbileysfeathercut

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    The Latch in brackets :rant:
    2 day ban
  6. Alanbileysfeathercut

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    I'd stick John Bailey at left back
    Very underrated
  7. SantaClausisanEvertonian

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    Well it's the 84-85 side all the way for me. Even my dad, who was lucky enough to watch the great side of the 60s, had to admit that our european trophy winners were the better of the two.
    But still a very close call.
  8. Bryan

    Bryan Fürst

    Thread title is like a maths question.
  9. Dario Terracotta

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  10. scullhed

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    Wright Ratcliffe Labone (Pejic)
    Steven Brace Ball Harvey
    Sharp (Latchford )
  11. GBH73

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    Can we include the 86/87 team? If so;

    Snodin Labone Ratcliffe Van Den Hauwe
    Steven Reid Ball Sheedy
    Heath Sharp
  12. ToffeeDan

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    You are allowed 4 players from 62-63, 4 from 69-70 and 4 from 84-87 (one as substitute to make up the 12)

    Labone, Young, Vernon, Kay from 62-63
    Ball, Harvey, Kendall and Tommy Wright from 69-70 (nice and easy for you)
    Southall, Psycho Pat, Ratcliffe, Sharpy from 84-87

    Wright, Labby, Ratcliffe, Psycho Pat
    Ball, Kendall, Kay
    Sharp, Vernon

    sub: Colin Harvey

    no room for Joe Royle, Tricky Trev, Kevin Sheedy either

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