Everton Youth Teams Thread

Ring master

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Thanks very much, watched a bit of the first half and all of the second. We went to pieces when we went behind, with mistakes all over the field. They resembled the first team in many ways with the complete lack of movement and very poor passes, Derby looked much fittter and were first to nearly every ball, Everton looked very half hearted and devoid of any spirit and will to win, just seemed to accept the defeat. Anyway that wasn’t your fault Ring master, the way they performed and thanks for taking the time and trouble to help me out, much appreciated.
No probs mate, just keep hold of it for future Everton games via Derby website [or i will leave it in mine for you,and anytime you need help if a game is live just ask and will try to sort it for you mate ;)Glad you got to see the game,off course seeing us lose wasnt good

Dario Terracotta

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....wrong thread, but what a player. Shame about the ‘psycho’ tag.

There are players out there that fit the blue print. Not exactly but the type who provide that effectiveness. Effectiveness is the key competency.
Too right Eggs,PVDH was a far better footballer than he is ever given credit for,also used his height at the back stick to clear any danger in our box,the best left back I've seen in my time by far.


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Prefer John to be getting the game time at rb for the u23s, Astley back into the centre when feeeney hopefully goes on loan in January
Yep, agree, at the moment we have three young right footed defenders competing for two positions so it’s hard for Unsworth to play all three. Astley has never shown the inclination to regularly venture over the half way line, despite having good ball playing skills, it’s something I’ve always found odd.


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It keeps Astley match fitness up. No doubt he'll be playing for u18s when youth cup comes around. They always try and play strongest team in that competition.

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