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Sarnia Kevin

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Alex Iwobi my MoM by a mile. Miko, Patterson, Tarkowski, Doucore and Holgate all worthy of mention. Pickford and Grey both had an off day.

Sterling with a new club and back to his old ways of falling over at every opportunity, but getting away with it. As diving goes he could give Anthony Gordon lessons.

Pawson has my vote for the 3rd year running as the worst referee in the PL which, given the competition, is saying something. Some of his decisions for both sides are bewildering.


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Patterson MoM for me, although I watched the game through one eye, pissed up in a casino in Madrid, so tf do I know.

From what I remember there wasn't much in it between the two sides? They had more of the general play, but we carved out the better chances.

Seen various football writers are penning our obituary already. Seems a little knee jerk to me, reckon we'll beat half the prem playing the way we did*

*with a focal point in attack though

Walter Ego

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Only just got a chance to watch the game. Amazed Holgate didn’t get more votes I have to say. Not a bad performance overall. It’s funny though listening to pods and looking at the way votes are spread. It just shows football is a game of opinions. The only negative would be McNeils performance but it’s early days. Obviously we’re a bit toothless in attack but they did their best.


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Just heard our game on Saturday had the lowest amount of ball in play time out of all the weekends fixtures, 51 minutes, even with all that extra time


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The club have just posted this. I believe it's been prompted by the fact that at least one girl reported to Merseyside Police that she was groped at the game..

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