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Player Valuation: £2.5m
Thought would get this started, bored in work

Here we go again!

Our record at home to Chelsea is very strong - Won the last 4 meetings at Goodison, and something like 10 out of the last 12 at Goodison :eek: - we've also got the longest unbeaten run in terms of the opening game of the PL season, not losing since QPR at home in 2011/12 - probably just jinxed all of that, sorry :D

Hoping Gana is signed today/tomorrow to be ready to start on saturday, presume he'll be the only addition before the weekend now

------------ Pickford
------Godfrey Mina Tarkowski
---------Gana Doucoure

Iwobi & Gray obviously alternative options in midfield, that's probably what i'd go with though
I personally think this is a good fixture to open the season with.

Chelsea are a top, top team so will (should) have us focused from the off. We've got a really good recent record against them at Goodison.. but even still, a negative result shouldn't instantly mean doom and gloom either. Essentially it's an early Goodison acid test.

Here are the Ref's etc for everyone to moan about, like every single one lol

Referee: Craig Pawson.
Marc Perry, Scott Ledger.
Fourth official:
Graham Scott.
VAR: John Brooks.
Assistant VAR: Darren Cann.
Pawsons awful ffs. He was in charge of the Newcastle home game, blowing for a freekick at every oppurtunity and sending Allan off for a yellow card offence.

Not open for further replies.