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Uninspiring stuff. I could see a quickening of play from us and we'd be on the front foot.

West Ham are very well organised and have decent players but not exceptionally so - reminds me of how we used to be under Moyes.

Jim Hopper

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Two very organised teams struggling to break each other down. Nobody playing particularly poorly, just not showing enough bravery in the final third to go and create something.

Davies very good again.

I can see a set piece or a moment of magic winning it.

Unless we get Sigurdsson off set pieces then it won’t be us!


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One of my new year's resolutions is to be more positive so here is my analysis of the first half. Everton has been able to keep a clean sheet for the first half with no shots on target against us. On our side, Bernard almost scores a goal with a great shot saved by the goalkeeper. Another positive is that James was warming up so the expectation is that we will see him in the second half.
Very I feel positive....Job done.


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Will be interesting to see Mason’s passing stats. He seems to have given the ball away every time.
He struggles to hit anyone other than Yerry or Jordan, have always said its a weak point he needs to work on, and the amount of times sig gets the ball, takes a poor touch and just about nicks it away from hammers attackers is a goal waiting to happen.

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