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Player Valuation: £40m
That 2min extra time is a ridiculous with that long motionless collapse. Siggy's delivery the past 2 games has been long way off
Hate it hate it hate it, added time needs a real looking at. Guarantee there are less stoppages this half but 4 mins added on - it’s just a tickbox at the moment


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Too slow cos there’s no movement in the final third. Dom coming too short and no one going beyond him. Rubbish, really.

Jim Hopper

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I agree with the shouts that West Ham have defended well, however we haven’t give them anything to defend well against. It’s all backwards and sideways stuff easy to set up against. Need to be more urgent and faster with the ball.


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Davies has done his job though.

The options ahead of him - there's just been no movement. Loads of players running past the ball, then just standing level with the West Ham defence.

Just dont see enough from him - passing it around nicey nice sideways and back isn't what we need just plays into West Hams hands.

Need James and his forward defence splitting passes.
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