Match Thread Everton v West Ham United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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And its yet another International break, feels like only last week we had 1, when we come back its everybodies least favourite World Cup winners the hammers from western ham.

Zombiechild has them doing not so bad, I mean if you ignore their last game and getting smashed by Oxford.

But its the team in blue and the man in the dugout who we all here to talk about? Right? Yeah, sack that and him maybe.

Goats 11 to start :
Sidwhobe - Mins - Kegs - Luca
Gomo - Davo
Berns - Wobs - Rics


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We have basically been playing 4-4-2 with an invisible Sigurdsson. I'd prefer to see DCL playing in the advanced Fellaini role so that he can flick headers on to Keane or one of the two wide men. We need to change the style and the set up. Sticking with Siggy or bloody Iwobi at number 10 will get us absolutely nowhere.
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