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Sharpies volley

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Sorry mate, my response was a bit blunt, I was a bit hacked off yesterday with Keane.

I made a prediction at the start of the season that DCL would score more none pen domestic goals than Kane. In fairness, it's been proven wrong in that Kane has performed better than I thought he would and DCL hasn't been as conistent as I thought he would. Sometimes people can intepret that in a certain way to mean I think DCL was better, which was never really my point.
Think we were all hacked off with Keane. I see your point about DCL but I'm not yet convinced that he's gonna go on to be exceptionally good. I just think he's gonna be average. Hope I'm wrong like.


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I don't believe that at present we have the squad that will allow us to be successful in Europe and at the same time be competitive at home.
We have seen that three or four injuries leaves us very short in numbers.
If we qualify for the EL we will be playing Thurs /Sunday,
We do not have a hig squad anymore now that most of the unwanted players will be gone this summer.
I think that one more season out of Europe which would finally cleanse us of players the manager does not want to use and would give him two summer transfer windows to further build his squad and possibly young players like Onyango ,Small and others may be ready to play a part by then.


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I couldn't watch the game Friday, so last night I finally had a chance to watch a replay of the latest matchup in what I now call the Bottler's Derby. Looked to me like a game where you can tell that both teams have lost their identity and don't quite know how they want to play. It also highlighted how crucial it is to have a striker who can put the ball in the net with minimal chances. Defending obviously let us down but both of those goals were quite flukey. Getting two wins and a draw against Tottenham is a result I think we all would have taken before the season - unfortunately now we are desperate for three points and throwing away another win just isn't good enough, though it's certainly becoming a habit with this group and I've grown very used to it.


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Encouraging that we held our own with one of Europe's super clubs.
Spurs are a pathetic club, won nothing of note in years and years only league cup. We’ve even won the league a lot more recent than them. The super league should throw them out for lack of honours alone. They have a few ok players but really are a one man team. Just a wannabe big club.

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