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Put The Kettle On

Make it 3 in 3 Carlo. Work your magic.

Destroy the subhuman plotters.

Carlo out? Scumbags.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
Referee: Michael Oliver.
Assistants: Stuart Burt, Simon Bennett.
Fourth official: Craig Pawson.
VAR: Andre Marriner.
Assistant VAR: Sian Massey-Ellis.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m

Ancelotti on Gbamin​

The plan for him is to be back at the start of the new season. He doesn't need surgery.

Ancelotti offers injury update​

Pickford, Allan, King and Gomes are fit for Spurs
DCL, Mina, Delph and Bernard back next week

Ancelotti on injury-crisis​

All teams have this problem. The fitness of the team is good. The players who have come back are in good condition and don’t need minutes to get fit as they’re already fit, It's true we had a lot of injuries. We were able to manage the absences of Allan, Digne, Richarlison, James. To have these kind of injuries all at the same time makes it more difficult

Ancelotti on form​

There were games where we were not good enough. It's a difficult period for us which came now with a lot of injuries.
But we have to continue to fight

Ancelotti on European challenge​

There are a lot of teams involved there. We dropped some points in the last few games. We need to get the result against Tottenham and then we have some important games. It is open for everyone but difficult for everyone

Ancelotti on Mourinho​

Every manager tried to do his best. We try to do our best. I am not able to judge Mourinho's job. In my opinion he always does a fantastic job.
Pressure on a manager is normal. Every manager has to manage the pressure

Ancelotti on Spurs​

It will be an open game. They need points and we need points. They could score but we could score also.
It is unpredictable to say what could happen

Ancelotti on Europe again​

To judge our season, we have to wait until the end. It could be a fantastic season if we reach Europe. It could be a good season if we don't do this.
I think it will go the last game. Lots of teams have inconsistent results.

Ancelotti on Concussion Subs​

My view is there is a medical specialist on the pitch that has to take the decision if the player is able to play or needs to be substituted. I think we need to give that decision in the hands of the medical professionals

Ancelotti on Lewin absence​

The absence of Dominic is important but upfront we have options. We have done well without him in some games

Ancelotti on Gbamin reaction​

He is a strong guy with a strong character. He has managed the injuries he had last season and this season. His character is so strong and will be even stronger after these unlucky situations. It will help him in his career for sure.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m

What's the latest on injuries?

Same. Good morning everyone, or good afternoon. Same. Doherty and Davies out. Let's say the first team players, everything the same, Dane Scarlett that I can consider a first team player because he's working with us every day got injured, in the youth cup match. He will not be available for a couple of weeks, maybe.

How is Son after that racist abuse?

I think he's ok. He's loved. He's loved here, loved at home, I believe he got the support that he needed here, and at home. So I think he's fine.

Did the post-game comments make the abuse worse?

I prefer not to comment. I'm sorry, I prefer not to comment.

Big nine days coming up, is it important to start well at Goodison Park?

Yeah but independent of the result at Goodison, and the result against Southampton, as you say, big nine days and the nine days are going to end with a cup final. Which of course, for all of us, is going to be an important moment.

So we are not depending on the Goodison result to go to that final with the best spirit, with the best feelings. But in this moment, the final is still a little bit far. And of course the Goodison match is very important. The distance between the two teams is very, very short. Of course they have one match in hand, in relation to us. But the distance is very, very short. They have similar objectives than us. They are going to fight with us, and with other clubs to try the best possible position, and see if we and them can get a European position.

So it's an important match tomorrow. We need to separate the waters. We need to say: the cup final is important, but is not the match tomorrow, we need to focus totally on a very difficult match.

The players' unions internationally are asking for these new concussion substitutes to be temporary so that they may agree to come off in case they are found to be fine to continue, what do you think?

I think it makes sense but I’ve learned over the past couple of years to be just quiet and my opinion is not important than to accept what is coming. So many different rules or things changing, you have just to accept the way it is, but in a very simple comment I think it makes sense.

I know you're a fan of dogs, are you happy with the new sponsor, the Dulux dog?

What’s that?

The club have unveiled a new sponsor and it's Dulux, the big sheep dog?

(Turns to press officer) What's that?

It's 18 points now dropped from winning positions, can you expand now why that's happening?

I know why it happened and I know also that you can look at it in a different perspective. A team that starts matches well and starts winning matches means something positive, means something positive that you like to forget – the positive aspect of that. But I agree with you in the sense that if you’re in winning positions and you lose points from winning positions, there are also negative things side by side to it.

But if you add those points to your total it would propel you up the league, what are the reasons it keeps happening?

That’s what I’m not ready to discuss with you. I think it has to do with some of our qualities as a team but I’m not ready to discuss with you.

When will you be ready?

Maybe never.

You've had a lot of academy players in training with the first team this week, more than normal, why is that?

We did a training session in different groups and even on different pitches and we were trying to develop different qualities.
To do that, we separated our players into different groups and we needed some young players to help us in developing that training session. At the same time, it’s not just about using them to try to develop their qualities because every time they come to us it’s a very positive experience for them.

So the academy boss Dean [Rastrick] is always very, very open – he likes to help us, he knows that we also help him help the development of those players. It was good for us because they help us and good for them because we help them.
We have 20 players available out of 22, it’s not a question of injuries or not enough players or taking these young players to the next match. No. It’s not about that at all.

Does it make it difficult for the defensive process that you haven't been able to settle on a regular centre-back pairing?

Because one of the things that you – the media generally – and always for players in general, the perception is that everybody wants to play, everybody wants opportunities. When they don’t do it you always ask the players not playing and why not. You can look at it in a different perspective. You can always play the same two or say that kind of rotation which gives opportunities equally to everyone.

Is the loser tomorrow out of the Champions League equation?

We’re very close to each other but there are more clubs around. There are some clubs with a few more points, some others with a few less but with still more than 20 points on the table, I think it’s still open. Of course it’s the kind of match where winner gets the points and stops the lose from getting them. If you draw you stay more or less in the same position. So understandably I don’t think anything will be decided in there. But of course if one of the two teams wins and gets an advantage, that can be important in the direct duel. Not in the relation to all the others that are around. If one team wins, of course, gets an important advantage to the other.

What do you make of Everton's season?

I think they go in the right direction. They have got a big coach, one of the best in the world. They got important players and players of two directions, they get a player coming from Real Madrid and two from Barcelona and at the same time they get the young guy that comes from Norwich, people from different formations. They have a very good squad and I think this is just the beginning for them. I believe with Carlo's quality and experience, the work and improving, this is just the beginning for them. This Everton is different from Everton of previous seasons and for sure next season is going to be different for the better, it is the start of a process and nobody better than Carlo to be in charge. I see a very bright future for them.

What are the main strengths you will have to contend with?

They have everything. Starting with a good coach. They didn't play Europe this season, they and complete weeks to work and develop things. They can play in different systems during the season you can see how many systems they play. They have talent in attack, they have quality in midfield, they have physicality behind, they can play with a back four or five. They have a tactical coach and they have had time to develop. They are a very good combination and a very good team.

Is Matt Doherty close to a return and how long will Ben Davies be out for?

It’s risky to say. Matt Doherty did the warm up with us so if you saw the pictures, it was just the warm-up and immediately went to sports science for individual work. He’s not ready for tomorrow, he's not ready but he’s coming.

Ben Davies not even close to that but I’d say after 51 matches or so, in the last couple of months of the season to arrive in this situation with only two players injured, I would say we cannot complain because the work has been good and the squad as a whole is in good condition.

It's been confirmed there will be 2,000 fans at Wembley for the cup final. Will that help boost you?

The information I got is that we’re going to have 2,000 fans.


Player Valuation: £30m
Watch us bounce back from the star-crossed finishing against Palace and the listless effort against Brighton to a rejuvenated, enthusiastic attacking-oriented football that's as stirring to the blood as it is attractive to the eye.

Everton 0 - 1 Spurs

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
It would not surprise me if this ends up a draw to carry on the sequence of results Everton have been having recently
Loss 2, won 3, lost 3, drew 3 if we draw this spurs game [last one of those defeats if city cup game]


Player Valuation: £40m
West ham, what are you talking about? I was having a go at Evertonians.

Which occasion though? When we beat you at name yet to be announced stadium or goodison?

Oh yeah. Sorry. That was me with full persecution mode engaged.
I can't wait until we get our stadium named. It's like winning a trophy (I'm hoping someone here can remind me what that feels like).


Player Valuation: £50m
This is a game where whoever wants it most will get what they deserve but at this point in time I can’t think which one of these sides wants to lose most.
Best bet is probably that their ineptitudes will cancel each other out and it will be a draw.


Player Valuation: £70m




Have a go, must win point is no good...
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