Match Thread Everton v Southampton

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Will silva start the same squad? (minus jags ofcourse)

Who do you think deserves the armband?


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They were crappy today apparently. I think we can risk taking either Gueye or Schneiderlin out against these and dropping Gylfi further back to get another attack minded player on the pitch. I don't know if that's Lookman or Bernard but id like to see a really positive display and a few goals.

Hopefully Richarlison is ok. Absolute baller that boy.

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Nice match thread,i am very confident for a 3-1 win,i like the way we attack and can see us ripping saints apart hopefully,i am not normally this confident no matter who its verse,but silva and the attacking players we have make me more than confident,maybe to much

And coleman for the armband as loads say and want
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