Match Thread Everton v Rotherham. Sat. 9th Jan, 2021. 12.00. FA Cup 3rd round

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Brett Angell Delight

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I'm not really sure why Davies is getting slaughtered here. Yeah he's not the greatest but he's working with a load of crap on his side of the pitch. Coleman is a disaster in possession. Godfrey isn't great. Iwobi has no clue how to find space because Coleman is constantly running into him. And Gomes isn't very helpful at all. I just don't know what he's meant to do.
Agree. Davies is being slaughtered when he’s playing 10x better than Gomes. Still makes him poo, like, but not deserving of the grief.


Think we might see Doucoure for probably Rodriguez early second half. Maybe pull Digne after 60. Just about mins for him right now. Like to see Simms get a run out.


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Only 3 subs right? Jeez... Ideally I'd like to see James, Tosun and Digne off (for fitness reasons) for Bernard, Simms and Nkounkou on 60 mins, but feel centre mid is poor too


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Typical cup tie really. Lower league oppo ALWAYS come flying out the traps and go direct. They've worked hard this Rotherham side, but how long can they keep it up?


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Tosun hasnt done much wrong.

All three of those subs don't address the major issue of us having no midfield. Nothing would change if you made those subs.

let’s face it mate, that midfield is dross but if we were to change it, we would be disrupting players prep for the game against wolves.

Id rather bring on the players we won’t use in that game for the players that we might.

We should be winning this no matter what combination of players come on but I totally agree that Gomes is a complete passenger


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In a side who cannot retain possession and win second balls, he will always be difficult to accommodate. Its not his fault, its the rest of the team. But we would be more compact in a game like this if he wasnt playing.
I mean we shouldn’t have to not play James to be compact against Rotherham at home, Tim

Dublin blue 75

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Those half time stats don’t make for pretty reading. One shot on target, no corners. 62% possession but we really do nothing with it.
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