Match Thread Everton v Rotherham. Sat. 9th Jan, 2021. 12.00. FA Cup 3rd round

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Player Valuation: £70m
Wilson perhaps.....
My sister's name is Alison and a neighbour of ours, some 45-odd years ago (most of them very odd!), was from Samoa and he could not pronounce it properly so called her Wilson: it has been her family nickname ever since lol. So, as you can imagine, the volleyball from Castaway gave us all a LOT of laughs at Wilson's/Alison's expense.

Bullens Rd

Sounds like Allan may be back for the Leicester game on the 27th, which is an absolutely massive game. In fact, barring any injuries between now and then, we should be at full strength for that fixture. Amazing.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
Seems we have a bit of an issue at goodison park this year

Rotherham taking us to extra time

Defeats to Leeds and West Ham and Man Utd (cup) without scoring
Yep maybe, Leeds we were unlucky not to score though-draw a more fair result as would a 0-0 v west have been for me, man utd in cup should have been about 5-0 to them
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