Match Thread Everton v Newcastle United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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[QUOTE = "captainvindaloo, post: 7599421, member: 40492"]
Как и половина игроков за последние пять минут!
К сожалению, да.((( Хотя стало уже знакомо.


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That was such a one-off I'm not going to judge the performance on that last two minutes. Infuriating to lose two points against yard dogs, but then the two points wouldn't have exactly been gold dust anyway, as the season's been over for a while.

It was a really good performance overall. Brilliant to see Kean get off the mark and I thought he was brilliant. We have 3 strikers now starting to look good, Bernard is getting back into his groove and we have Gomes and Gbamin on the way back in the next month of two.

I really enjoyed watching us for long stretches of that, actually.
It’s about as far from a one off as it’s possible to be.


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Poor substitutions allowed them to push onto us. We controlled the game until Davies and Niasse come on. Lesson learned by Carlo the hard way.

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