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Happy with that performance. Played some decent stuff at times too. Players are definitely still playing for the manager. Gana was excellent, as was Digne and DCL got through a lot of work. I'm not even going to mention some of Pickford's kicking or the fact Keane gives me a heart attack whenever he has the ball. Richarlison did more in 20 minutes than Walcott did in 70.


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I thought we were ok,but if we play wide men we need to get them into the game more,Bernard scared them everytime he got the ball,only problems they caused were of our own making through lack of composure and I feel if we had closed their backline down more we might have got something from that because theres a mistake waiting to happen from them


Player Valuation: £70m
Digne was fantastic. 2 or 3 times got back and made perfect challenges. Keane made a vital one as well.
Had them rattled toward the end and if we had a better striker would have taken 3 points today. A really combative performance and I'm pleased at the effort. Them dropping points is a big postive too.
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