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Player Valuation: £5m
Played very well, a bit more quality in the final third and it could have been a different story.

If we play like that every game the rest of season we will be fine.

Siggurdson, Keane, dcl, Bernard and Richarlison all played well.


Player Valuation: £50m
Down side, we still can't BEAT them.

Upside, 2 points lost for the RS, and they will need them all.

Psychologically a better result for us, rather than them.



Player Valuation: £40m
Happy to dent their title race but also frustrated and disappointed that we are still incapable of beating them at home 9 years and counting which tbh is absolutely disgraceful. They were there for the taking today and again we couldn't take them.
Same. I’m just not arsed about this Everton side. I’m glad we’ve knocked their title bid, but I still despise what Everton currently are.
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