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It feels like having Tosun as a striker option really holds us back in a game like this. There's only Bernard on the bench that could push us forward.
That's why you put Richarlison there for me.

Maybe it's too late now, but he's just a better footballer than DCL.

So many times it has been in at DCL's feet and he's taken an age to get it off. It needs to be one touch and into Gylfi or Theo.

Everytime Gylfi has had the ball he's made something happen.


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I would agree, but our only offense is crossing from wide spots, think he's gotta stay, even if he isn't any good. Would be nice to have a bigger, better grock in this type of game.

We have got to get SIggy the ball more in the final third. He's the only that can score and make the killer pass. If he has to drop farther back, fine.
Our crosses haven't really troubled them, though?

Our main threats have come from a quick pass from Gylfi when we've pressed high and won the ball back?


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See yer everton, will drop in on you from time to time but have great plans for 2019


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Sloppy?? It’s been the same performance since the Derby. Half chance and no real threat

These haven’t turned up at all and half decent would have put these to bed after 20 mins
Yes, we have been sloppy.

Sloppy on the ball. Sloppy when we've had the chance to make a run in behind or not picked the right pass.

We haven't been awful, because defensively we've looked solid and haven't given Vardy a sniff. Two teams play the game.


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Just on Gueye being our best player on the pitch... he shouldn't be.

The reason why he is, is because it's bloody 3 v 2 in midfield once again and he's having to run around like a mad man making tackles left and right.

Why has it been terrible from Silva?

Is it his fault Gomes can't control a ball today, or that DCL can't make a five yard pass?

Gomes hasn't been nullified, he has been poor.

It's terrible because of the above. Siggy has hardly been involved because we're out numbered in midfield.

Gomes just a few of them in the final third have been misplaced.
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