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Your Everton MOTM vs Leicester

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Been bizarre how it's just been social media stuff and not been mentioned in the press once. Of course the allegations are very serious....but it's the same for Benjamin Mendy and Greenwood and that's been reporting with regards bail applications and preliminary court hearings.

Given it all kicked off in July surely there's been some sort of court hearing already?
The difference is Number 10s offences are against a minor.

Get the crowd right behind them from the off and i reckon we can beat these. Would be boss to be on 31 points with a 6 point gap and 7 games remaining which we would probably only need to win about 2 of them.

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it but psychologically it would be massive to hit 31 points with 7 games still to go.

I've said it before, I think it's really important to be striving for 40 points minimum, regardless what others are on. Playing for pride as well as the points and I don't think they can walk around doing a lap of honour if they scraped to 34/35 points and avoided relegation

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